Y-bearings for agricultural applications

Relubrication-free with a robust, 5-lip seal design

Today’s farmers are under increasing pressure to stay productive for less money, with less of an environmental impact. Too often, failed bearing seals stand in the way. Contaminant ingress or lubricant loss from failed seals often leads to premature agricultural shaft bearing failures and machine break-down.

Specifically designed for agricultural applications, SKF Y-bearings withstand the toughest operating conditions, while reducing downtime and environmental impact. Suitable for high-demanding and regular positions, Y-bearings for agricultural applications are relubrication-free and feature a robust, five-lip seal design. Versions with an advanced locking system and optional corrosion protection are also available.

Built to last up to 4 years or more

Compared to the 1-3 year life cycle of conventional bearings, Y-bearings for agricultural applications are built to last up to 4 years or more – a 30-50% increase in service life (based on SKF testing). For farmers and OEMs alike, the units offer greater reliability, a more eco-friendly footprint and reduced total ownership costs.
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