Valve stem seals

Valve stem seal
SKF offers valve stem seals that provide low engine emissions and adequate valve guide lubrication, plus a range of high-performance, cost-effective solutions for standard applications.

High-pressure valve stem seals

Improve the quality of emissions and enhance engine operation by withstanding high pressures in the exhaust and intake ports of the engine, while maintaining their primary function as an oil-metering device.

Available applications

All engines with high pressures in the manifolds, e.g. because of high power turbo chargers or for exhaust brakes on commercial engines. SKF offers new designs of high-pressure valve stem seals, providing minimized guide wear and cost savings in the engine blow-by management:
  • Lower risk of valve stem scuffing and guide wear as oil lubrication remains stable under pressure
  • Reduced blow-by gas volume as the seals do not allow air flow to the top of the cylinder head
  • Capacity of oil separation in blow-by gases can thus be reduced
  • Hence cost savings in the blow-by oil separation system

The seal design can be tuned to provide the optimum oil-metering rate for the application and can be supplied with or without an integrated spring seat. Other design characteristics of the pressure valve stem seal allow for dynamic sealing abilities:
  • Patented independent pressure lip allows the main lip to function under high pressures for consistent oil metering
  • Reduced risk of valve stem scuffing and guide wear as oil is not “blown” away from valve stem under pressure
  • Special static seating design avoids popping-off under pressure – a groove is required in the valve guide
  • No blow-by gas leakage through seal

Through extensive experience, SKF has become the European market leader, creating the most effective product with the following advantages:
  • Developed to specific customer requirements or use of standard seals
  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
  • High reliability
  • Low wear
  • Long-term emissions control
  • Consistent oil metering and long life

High pressure valve stem seals

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