Robust steering rack bearing

The new robust steering rack bearing by SKF enables a more smooth and precise steering

SKF launched a robust steering rack bearing, offering increased durability, high shock load resistance and reduced friction torque. This bearing enables a smoother and more precise steering for cars.


“SKFs new robust steering rack bearing directly supports drivers to handle their cars in a safer and more comfortable way with a more precise steering”, says Andrea Griseri, Business Development Manager, BU Car Chassis, SKF Automotive. “Usage of EPS is increasing in vehicles produced today and it is a demanding steering application. We have met the very high demands with our new innovative design for this bearing”.


The new design and improvements for the robust steering rack bearing includes an optimised internal geometry comprising optimised shoulders to support high loads and shocks, as well as reduced friction torque. The new patented cage design enables the balls to move more free and their movements are not disturbed by the cage pockets. A new cleanliness standard enables reduced number of particles inside the bearing. The combination of all those features allowed bearing friction reduction by around 30% in average, with a better loads resistance up to 17%, and durability increased by 20%.


The start of production as well as the size of this bearing can be customized depending on requirements.

The robust steering rack bearing can be produced in any of SKFs manufacturing facilities in Americas, Europe and Asia. 

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