MacPherson suspension bearings

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Superior suspension means robust solutions that improve performance and minimise cost. SKF's engineering excellence enables us to provide you with robust and reliable MacPherson strut bearings and shock absorber seals. SKF has manufacturing facilities located close to our customers' key markets.

This enables you to grow while maintaining control of production costs
  • enables coil spring or complete suspension to rotate during steering movements with low, constant friction torque; with oscillations of 45 degrees about the centre, straight ahead, position
  • enables spring rotation during normal suspension movements and transmits suspension loads to chassis
  • spring, shock absorber, bump stop: - axial load: 3 to 8 kN - radial load: 5 to 15 per cent of axial load - shock loads: up to 3 times static load

Each bearing design has been developed for a specific application in terms of:
  • loads
  • geometry of housings
  • protection from environment

Two main types of top mount arrangement are known depending on loads path:
  • single path when spring and damper loads are taken by the same rubber
  • semi double or double when the spring load goes in a different rubber element than damper load

Adapted to each on suspension type:
  • sheet metal type
  • composite type
  • small thrust ball bearing
  • deep groove ball bearing
  • Integrated MSBU Unit with spring seat, bearing, top mount and bump stop
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