Bearing carriers

Greater stability for high power density gearboxes

Center Support Bearing Carrier
In car gearboxes, maintaining proper positioning of the several components is essential for maintaining proper gear mesh function. Gearbox noise, vibration and energy loss all depend on this positioning accuracy. To achieve it, rigid support of the mainshaft and layshaft is essential. SKF’s bearing carrier can help.

Designed for high power density transmissions

This pre-assembled unit consists of two bearings (typically either deep groove ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings) pressed into a sheet metal carrier.

The distance between bearing centers is equal to the center distance of the gearbox.The carrier's shape and the bearing types are tailored to the specific requirements of the particular gearbox. When acting at the locating bearing position (withdeep groove ball bearings) this pre-assembled unit bolts onto the gearbox housing, replacing the conventional bearing outer ring seats. Other benefits include:
  • Reduced system costs
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • More compact, lightweight designs
  • Optimized designs before prototyping
  • Reduced development time
  • Simplified assembly
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