Bonded pistons

Bonded piston
Bonded pistons convert hydraulic pressure into linear motion. In a typical automatic transmission, pistons stroked under fluid pressure are used to actuate clutch packs that in turn engage specific gears.

SKF bonded pistons feature pressure activated sealing lips that flex under pressure to retain the fluid and maintain pressure. Latest designs include a beaded lip which significantly reduce friction and hence improve operation.

  • Pressure activated sealing lips bonded directly to a stamped metal component
  • Custom built design for the application
  • Additional features such as bumpers, spring location, bleed holes etc.
  • Beaded lip designs for reduced friction

  • Beaded lip designs reduce friction leading to improved response times and reduced cocking
  • Easily replaces conventional aluminium pistons and loose lip seals; reduced number of components
  • Increased operating life
  • Minimizes damage / scoring of the housing
  • Cost savings compared to assembled aluminium solutions
  • Potential for reduce weight and hence response times
  • Elimination of aluminium piston porosity issues
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