SKF Motor Encoder Sensor-Bearing Unit

SKF Motor Encoder Unit new generation - sensor bearing
The latest SKF development to improve electric motor power density and energy efficiency control,  including increasing electric vehicle mileage, is the SKF Motor Encoder Sensor-Bearing Unit.
This new solution provides precise encoder pulses for the accurate real time measurement of speed, direction and incremental position, together with low friction and high speed bearing functionality.

The integration of a magnetic target ring on the rotating inner ring and the sensing electronics provide enhanced sensing performance, as well as,resistance to temperature variations and magnetic field disturbances.

  • Encoder signal outputs for accurate real time speed measurement
  • Temperature range: –40 to +150 °C
  • Top index for zero crossing turn detection
  • Output encoder with 5% period accuracy and 50% duty cycle A,B quadrature outputs with 90 electrical degrees phase shif
  • Improved electric motor efficiency
  • Scalable performances independent from customer manufacturing process
  • Excellent electric motor torque stability
  • Optimized system noise

Impact - economic, social and environmental

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