High pressure valve stem seals

High pressure valve stem seal - integrated design
In addition to conventional valve stem seals, SKF has developed a new generation of valve stem seals for high pressure applications. These seals improve the quality of emissions and enhance engine operation by withstanding high pressures in the exhaust and intake ports of the engine, while maintaining their primary function as an oil metering device. These seals are suitable for all engines with high pressures in the manifolds, e.g. because of turbo chargers or for exhaust brakes on commercial engines. The benefits of SKF’s high pressure valve stem seals are:
  • Optional beaded lip design feature to provide lowest friction and power loss
  • Minimized valve guide wear for maximum valve train life
  • Consistent oil metering and long service life
  • Long term emissions control
  • Excellent resistance to oils/fuels and high temperatures
  • Potential cost savings in the engine blow-by system
The low friction design features of SKF's high pressure valve stem seals can be incorporated into all available seal designs and do not require 
any change to existing installation equipment.
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