SKF Low Friction Engine Seals

Low friction engine seal
Rotating elastomeric shaft seal offering high durability and low friction. SKF Low Friction Engine seals are based on the technology of the PTFE seals, but use sophisticated elastomer materials. This seals can incorporated into a sealing solutions and modules   
  • Elastomeric sealing lip with hydrodynamic spirals for pumping
  • No garter spring
  • Specially formulated fluroelastomer material
  • Improved capability on eccentricity and dynamic run-out compared to PTFE seals
  • Custom designs available, e.g. plastic bayonet fitting and SKF ROTOSTAT sealing module with  sensor

  • Very low friction giving up to 55% savings of fuel economy and CO2 emissions compared to conventional seals resulting in over 1.00 g CO2/km saving for a complete engine.
  • Robust sealing and high durability, even at high speeds
  • Suitable for engine leak-down test without additional sealants
  • Extended life
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