SKF Explorer single row angular contact ball bearings

Designed to run faster, cooler, smoother, longer

Bearings in twin screw compressors must accommodate axial and radial loads while maintaining the precise position of the rotors. To meet these requirements, clearance and stiffness are key operational parameters.

Working with leading compressor manufacturers, SKF has been able to meet the highest requirements for bearing service life, using SKF Explorer single row angular contact ball bearings. Features include:
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • 40-degree contact angle
  • High degree of stiffness
  • High speed capability
  • Six clearance/preload classes
  • P5 running accuracy
  • Extremely clean steel and unique heat treatment
SKF Explorer single row angular contact ball bearings combine material and design innovations that can increase bearing service life up to 300% while delivering a number of other performance benefits.

Single-row, universally matchable bearings

SKF Explorer universally matchable bearings have a stand-out tolerance as narrow as +/- 3 μm. When mounted in random order but immediately adjacent to each other, the bearings enable a given internal clearance or preload and/or an even load distribution – without the use of shims or similar devices.
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