Final track drive solution

Meeting final track planetary drive demands

Final track planetary drives work in severe-duty environments where shock loads and impacts are common. Despite these conditions, manufacturers need reliable transmission solutions with high power density, robust sealing performance under abrasive loads and cost-effective modularity.

Designed to meet all of these demands and more, an SKF final track solution includes one of these three components:
  • A thin section tapered roller bearing
  • A thin section angular contact bearing
  • A hub unit with an integrated gear in combination with a mechanical face seal

Thin section bearings facilitate space- and cost-saving designs, while gear hub units help ensure high operational efficiency. Mechanical face seals offer an optimal price-performance ratio. Suitable for use in excavators to giant mining  shovels , the SKF final track solution allows OEMs to develop stiffer designs. Higher load carrying capacity and improved sealing result in energy savings and less downtime for the benefit of the end-users.
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