SKF Belt Frequency Meter

Making belt tension measurement fast, accurate and easy

Maintaining proper belt tension is key to maintaining proper performance and service life for the entire belt drive, including the bearings. Achieving proper belt tension first requires taking precise belt tension measurements. As one of the industry’s most accurate belt measurement tools, The SKF Belt Frequency Meter can help.

Featuring a handheld meter attached to an optical sensor, the SKF Belt Frequency Meter is a two-component system that delivers contact-free tension measurements for a range of belt types. Designed to help minimize human error, this SKF measurement tool is extremely easy-to-use, delivering fast, repeatable results in just a few simple steps:
  • Key in the span length and mass data
  • Aim sensor at the center of the belt span, then pluck or tap the belt
  • View the measured frequency on the display, which can be toggled to either newton or pounds values
  • Readjust the belt tension and take another measurement as necessary
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