TMMA Easy Pull pullers

Conventional and hydraulic dismounting tools for <100*mm bearings

Most small and medium-sized bearings mounted with an interference fit on the shaft can be dismounted with a conventional puller. But the puller must be robust, and able to self-center to prevent damage to the seating or surrounding parts.

Safe, easy, reliable bearing dismounting with Easy Pull

TMMA Easy Pull series pullers are self-centering units with unique spring-operated arms that facilitate dismounting operations. When additional force is needed to dismount the bearing, a hydraulic TMMA puller with an integrated hydraulic cylinder and pump makes it easier. All TMMA Easy Pull sets arrive assembled and ready-to-use, and all feature include a safety pin designed to break at maximum loads to minimize injuries and component damage.

Inaccessible bearings?

In cases when neither the inner nor outer bearing ring is accessible, SKF offers special internal bearing pullers, including SKF TMSC series or blind housing puller kits.

See more about heating tools for mounting/dismounting in the SKF Maintenance Products catalog.

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