SKF Food Line ball bearing units

Relubrication free bearing life even with frequent washdowns?

Composite range
Composite housings
Stainless steel range
Stainless steel housings

SKF Food Line ball bearing units reduce the washdown related problems of corrosion, premature failure and environmental impact.

Featuring the 2RF multiple seal design, SKF Food Line Ball bearing units keep detergent, water and other contaminants out of the bearing cavity, while keeping lubricant inside.

With food compatible components – FDA approved seals, NSF, CFIA, Halal and Kosher registered grease and stainless steel bearings – these units help you comply with food safety regulations. The result? You can:

  • improve foreign body ingress prevention – no dripping grease or purge contamination
  • reduce relubrication costs and environmental impact
  • reduce risk of premature bearing failure
  • eliminate the risk of missed lubrication points due to human error
  • improve corrosion-resistance under washdown conditions
  • improve bacteria reduction due to solid or filled base design and smooth surface finish

How much grease can you save?

  • grease saving_1 in F&B

    1 bearing

    15 g (0.53 oz.)
  • grease saving_2 in F&B

    100 bearings

    1,5 kg (3.3 lbs.)
  • grease saving_3 in F&B

    100 bearings/year

    78 kg (172 lbs.)
  • In an average-size plant

    save 78 kg/year

See a live test of how well the 2RF seal performs under high-pressure washdown

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