SKF advanced engineered plastics solutions

When conventional materials aren’t enough

SKF advanced engineered plastics solutions
Temperature extremes, intense pressures, high surface speeds, aggressive cleaners – these and other harsh conditions are often more than conventional component materials can handle. If operating conditions are limiting performance for your applications, consider SKF advanced engineered plastics solutions. Featuring a range of FDA-compliant materials, SKF advanced engineered plastics solutions include:

Filled PTFE-based materials

Typically used in higher speed reciprocating and rotary sealing environments, filled PTFE-based materials feature superior self-lubricating properties, as PTFE is a good sliding surface. Typical applications include rotary seals in conveyors; processing equipment, such as mixers; plus fluid and air handling equipment.

High-strength materials

SKF uses PEEK, PPS, POM, and PETP materials as plain bearings and seals in challenging reciprocating and rotary applications – particularly those requiring high physical properties to prevent material creep.

UHMWPE-based materials

Featuring valuable metal-detectable properties, UHMWPE-based materials can be used as seals and plain bushings for extremely abrasive materials and high-pressure applications.
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