SKF MultiPoint

A do-it-yourself lubrication solution

SKF MultiPoint is a user-friendly and cost-effective automatic lubricator available for multiple grease lubrication points. Its compact design, combined with electronically controlled accuracy, makes it an excellent solution for longer bearing life and increased machinery uptime.
SKF MultiPoint is a do-it-yourself lubrication system that can be easily installed and requires no special training to use. Once the correct grease dispense rate for a specific application is calculated using DialSet, the SKF relubrication calculation program, SKF MultiPoint will keep as many as eight lubrication points simultaneously and automatically lubricated, preventing both over- and under-greasing.
  • Do-it-yourself centralized lubrication system
  • Up to 8 feed lines
  • SKF DialSet included: SKF’s relubrication calculation program allowing accurate calculation of the correct relubrication intervals
  • Long feed lines - at least up to 5 m (16 ft)
  • Electronic setting and read-out of control parameters
  • Alarm function for blocked feed lines and empty cartridge
  • Machine steering - lubricator only operates while machine is running
  • High pressure capability up to 40 bar (600 psi)
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