Processing by application of heat

High temperatures = high operating costs

The high temperatures in baking, frying and roasting processes require frequent re-lubrication for chains and bearings. But frequent re-lubrication drives lubricant and maintenance costs and increases the risk of grease leaks and contaminated products.

SKF can help

In extreme temperature challenges, advanced bearing, sealing and lubrication solutions from SKF can help plants increase grease performance and line efficiency, ultimately reducing overall operating costs. SKF Dry Lubrication Technology offers a key example.

SKF Dry Lubrication Technology

Based on advanced graphite lubrication, SKF Dry lubricated bearing capability includes two different high temperature technologies.

The first features a fully crowned, pure graphite cage for ball bearings (suffix VA228) limited to ≤100 rpm applications. The second features a graphite and resin binder for use in virtually all bearing types with increased limiting speeds (suffix VA210 and 260). Both graphite lubrication technologies can offer:
  • Lubrication-free performance
  • Reliability and long service life
  • Reduced standstills and lost production
  • Possibility to raise process temperature up to 350 °C
  • Reduced friction with low start-up and constant low-running torque
  • Improved operator safety (no need to re-lubricate)
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