SKF Fryer Bearing Units

Use frying oil to lubricate bearings

Fryer bearing unit 1
Featuring a special high-temperature plastic-material cage design, along with stainless-steel bearing components, SKF bearings improve commercial fryer reliability.

The design allows cooking oil to enter the bearing and act as an effective lubricant in this application. At the same time, the design prevents foreign bodies from entering.

With this technology, you can:

  • Run your bearings up to 16 000 hours
  • Eliminate the need to relubricate the bearings after each caustic boil out
  • Avoid process oil contamination through grease washout in process
  • Improve corrosion resistance in the fryer’s hostile environment

You will benefit by:

  • Decreased cost of maintenance and bearing replacements
  • Increased reliability - reducing of unplanned stops due to bearing failure
  • Relubrication-free operation supporting proactive food safety programs 
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