SKF high temperature bearings and units

Eliminate the need to re-grease

Extreme temperature Y-bearing unit
NG Square VA228

SKF high temperature bearings incorporate a fully crowned pure graphite cage that permits just enough contact between the ball and cage to create a fine powder. This powder coats the rolling elements of the bearing, eliminating metal-to-metal contact – and the need for continued relubrication.

Because the graphite can withstand extreme heat – and needs the oven’s inherent humidity to function properly – you can trust they’ll perform optimally and relubrication-free in temperatures up to 350°C.

With SKF high-temperature bearings, you can:

  • Know your bearings will perform as expected, even in extreme temperatures 
  • Meet rising production targets without adding downtime
  • Reduce maintenance expenses and redirect staff to more productive tasks
  • Limit your environmental impact by reducing the bearing grease and cleaning materials requiring disposal
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