SKF wafer oven units

5 years of re-lubrication free, 24/7 operation

SKF wafer oven units
SKF wafer oven units can deliver it in a HACCP-friendly solution. Lubrication-free integral wafer oven units from SKF consist of a carrier wheel and a top roller unit for baking tongs. A unique graphite cage acts as self-lubricating cage, providing an environmentally friendly, HACCP-compliant solution. Other benefits include: 
  • Increases production with reduced maintenance
  • Improved safety by eliminating dripping grease
  • Reduced operating and environmental costs – no more re-lubrication or grease disposal expenses
  • Simple, quick retro-fit installation
Available as stainless steel and manganese phosphate-coated units with shaft sizes of 25 and 30 mm.
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