SKF ChainLube oil projection systems

Accurate, automatic chain lubrication

SKF ChainLube, oil projection system CLK
Featuring integrated automation, pumping systems and reservoir, SKF ChainLube oil projection systems deliver precisely metered lubricant amounts to friction points while the chain is in operation. Preset control units automate a preferred lubrication routine. Projection nozzles never contact the chains, preventing dirt accumulation and applicator wear.

Air-assisted and airless delivery

SKF ChainLube oil projection systems are available as air-assisted and airless versions, suitable for different application and operating conditions. SKF can help you find the optimum ChainLube oil projection system for your requirements. All of them can help you:
  • Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating manual lubrication
  • Eliminate risk of lubrication points being missed through human error
  • Improve productivity by eliminating unplanned stoppages
  • Extend service life by reducing chain wear
  • Reduce energy consumption through lower friction
  • Enhance operator safety by reducing maintenance tasks
  • Prevent foreign body ingress and stay HACCP-compliant 
  • Improve cleanliness by reducing excess lubricant

SKF ChainLube air-assisted oil projection system

When pitch detection is not possible because it is too small (<50 mm), or chain movement is too fast, an air-assisted ChainLube system can help. Regulated carrier airflow is used to project a small amount of lubricant with virtually no mist formation around the projection nozzles.

SKF ChainLube, airless oil projection system

Well suited to chains with a medium pitch (50 to 300 mm) and speed below 2 pitches per/sec., an airless ChainLube system provides accurate lubrication of chains pitch-by-pitch, without the need to connect to compressed air supply. Non-contact projection nozzles prevent dirt accumulation and applicator wear.
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