Solid Oil bearing technology with food grade option

Solid Oil bearing with Food grad option
Solid Oil is a polymer matrix saturated with a lubrication oil that completely fills the internal space in a bearing and encapsulates the cage and rolling elements. The Solid Oil matrix contains two to four times more lubricating oil than a corresponding sealed, grease-filled bearing. The benefits include:

Relubrication free
• Reliable: eliminates breathing in bearing induced by rapid temperature changes and
reduces the risk of corrosion
• Keeps contaminants out and resists most chemicals used in wash downs without
• Food safe
––No leaking and no contamination of the food: Solid Oil can withstand high
centrifugal forces
––One of the variants is food grade NSF H1 approved (for temperatures down to
–20 °C)
• Reduced standstill and lost production
• Can be used in hard to reach areas – where manual relubrication is difficult
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