SKF Dry Lubrication System improved safety and efficiency at bottled water production plant

The challenge

SKF Dry Lubrication System for Bottled water production
A manufacturer operating PET bottled water production lines lubricated the line’s conveyors by spraying large volumes of water mixed with soluble lubricant. This approach created a highly humid environment that lead to slippery floors, foam formation, the risk of organic growth, and the need for frequent cleaning.

The SKF solution

SKF engineers suggested the SKF Dry Lubrication System, which eliminates the need to spray thousands of liters of water and soluble lubricant. 

Instead, this flexible and completely automated system applies a small amount of SKF Dry Film Lubricant (NSF H1 certified) on the bottled water production line´s, conveyor chains and guides.

The results

Set up to lubricate 90 flat top chains with 200 lubrication points, the SKF Dry Lubrication System proved extremely successful for bottled water production.  As a result, the floors are dry, the lubricant consumption is minimal, and there is no more waste water, no moisture on packages and no inherent corrosion. In just one lubrication line, the system saved €15 700 per year in operating costs. Additional production process benefits included enhanced packaging quality and improved operator and product safety.

Summary for one conveyor line for one year:
  • Monthly savings in soluble lubricant:  320 litres
  • Monthly savings in water:  90 m3
  • Monthly savings in cleaning (man hours):  12 hours
  • Total savings:  €15 700
Note: All numbers are rounded off and based on customer estimates. Your particular cost savings may vary.
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