Beverage producer eliminated relubrication and saved €15 500 with SKF Food Line Y-bearing units

The challenge

A soft drink producer was using standard beverage industry conveyors in its production process for transporting both PET containers, glass bottles and cans. After each washdown, maintenance personnel were relubricating all bearing units to ensure reliable operation. The frequent relubrication was costly, labour-intensive, and prone to human error. The soft drink company was looking to improve the manufacturing process and eliminate grease spills in order to achieve HACCP compliance.

The SKF solution

Designed for relubrication free operation under the most harsh high pressure washdown and highly humid operating conditions, SKF Food Line Y-bearing units offered an excellent solution for the soft drink production process.

The results

The units eliminated the need for frequent planned relubrication, and the potential for grease leakage. The units also helped the drinks producer meet HACCP hygiene requirements while achieving 100% operating reliability. Costs for labour and grease were reduced, while removing the risk of unplanned downtime resulting from missed lubrication points. The SKF Food Line Y-bearing units also made it easy for the soft drink manufacturing plant personnel to perform visual inspections for cleanliness.

Annual maintenance cost savings
(excluding downtime cost savings): €15 500

Note: All numbers are rounded off and based on customer estimates. Your particular cost savings may vary.
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