Vegetable canning plant cut operating costs with SKF grease injection lubrication system

The challenge

SKF grease injection lubrication system for vegetable processing equipment
An operator of a vegetable canning process was experiencing unplanned machinery downtime in horizontal and continuous sterilizers. The operator knew that a lack of lubrication in the chain pins was leading to mechanical problems. However, production stops were not feasible during the peak vegetable processing  season. When lubrication related problems led to stoppages in the processing equipment, the operator lost productivity, and incurred high costs for maintenance and chain replacement.

The SKF solution

SKF recommended the installation of the grease injecting lubrication system, customized for each type of chain in the sterilizer lines. A maintenance agreement for the system and chain condition was also developed to provide ongoing monitoring and predictive maintenance.

The result

The operator achieved savings in labour previously needed for manual lubrication, a reduction in unplanned machinery downtime, a decrease in chain wear, and savings in costs for chain replacement and installation. With the SKF grease injecting lubrication system, chains have an extended service life of 12-15 years, compared to 6-7 years with conventional systems.

  • Savings through reduced frequency of chain replacement/year (Extended service life, from 7 years to 14 years):  €9 700
  • Savings in parts and labour/year:  €7 200
  • Total savings (Excluding savings in elimination of unplanned downtime):  €16 900
Note: All numbers are rounded off and based on customer estimates. Your particular cost savings may vary.
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