Reduces maintenance costs and increased productivity with SKF sealing solution in beverage processing

The challenge

SKF sealing solution for beverage processing
A major beverage processing plant was experiencing unplanned production stops every three to four weeks due to a poorly performing sealing system in the pneumatic cylinder for the can filling station.

SKF determined that the seal problem was due to inappropriate sealing material and an ineffective seal design that lacked guide rings. The combination was causing a loss of pressure in the cylinder and high wear rates for the sealing materials.

The SKF solution

SKF developed a solution consisting of two major parts: a new piston with an improved design that incorporated a guiding function, and a piston seal customized to the technical requirements of the application.

The results

Following installation, the SKF solution ran for 12 months with no problems. The seals are now replaced once a year in a planned system shutdown during which all moving parts are replaced. Along with substantial annual costs savings, the beverage processing plant increased productivity by 20 million cans per year.

Summary over 12 months:
  • Annual savings in maintenance costs(including 220 hours maintenance time saved):  €38 000
  • Annual savings in cleaning costs:  €3 000
  • Savings on seal replacement costs:  €15 800
  • Total savings:  €56 800
Note: All numbers are rounded off and based on customer estimates. Your particular cost savings may vary.
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