SKF Client Needs Analysis for Food and Beverage Production

beverage and food production asset management
The shift to a fully integrated, reliability and risk-based asset management strategy starts with a good initial understanding of where you are today, and where you need to be to attain optimum performance in your food and beverage production plant.

Conducted between key members of your organization and SKF, the Client Needs
Analysis begins with a 40-question assessment that provides a snapshot of your beverage and food production plant’s maintenance situation. SKF considers several other industry-specific maintenance and reliability benchmarks, to create a unique, needs-based analysis. Once you know how your reliability maintenance processes are currently working, we can together devise a roadmap to meet your foremost challenges.

SKF Client Needs Analysis for Food and Beverage Production (CNA-AM) combines our experience in reliability-focused maintenance and our knowledge of Food and Beverage Industry conditions to provide useful and actionable information for identifying credible opportunity targets for improving your plant’s performance.

CNA-AM is directly aligned with the main facets of the Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO) work management process, which enables a beverage or food plant to produce the same amount for less cost, or to produce more for the same costs. Our asset management through the AEO process provides the basis for applying knowledge, improved practices, and wise deployment of technology to achieve the greatest return on investment.
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