Horizontal axis top loading washing machines

The drum is supported at both sides usually with single row deep groove ball bearings.The out of balance load is centred between the two support bearings, so the maximum speed of the drum is not as critical as it is for the front loading design.This means that for the same load size and speed, the bearings used in the top loading design are usually smaller than those used in front loading applications.

SKF single row deep groove ball bearings

The ball bearings commonly used have metal shields and normal internal radial clearance. Bearings are lubricated for life with grease having the following properties:

  • Noise and dampening capabilities
  • Long life at medium temperatures
  • Good resistance to corrosion and humidity

Compact sealing solution

In this type of machine the bearings need to be protected against water/humidity by a static and dynamic seal. SKF can provide a wide standard range of static and dynamic seals. Special seals can be manufactured on the basis of design requirements.

Right drum position

At the end of the washing cycle the drum must be positioned with the door on top to facilitate easy and effective laundry removal. This special positioning requirement can be achieved with a new type of SKF sensor bearing unit. This unit can give speed and rotation sense control as additional features. Customised products can be designed according to the specification required.


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