SKF self-aligning bearing system: oil lubrication

Today’s best solution for shaft misalignment

Self aligning fan shaft solution
Separate bearing positions – preferably self-aligning bearings to handle shaft misalignment – offer the most economical fan shaft bearing solution. In the past, the only way to accommodate axial expansion of the shaft was to enable the bearing in the non-locating position to slide in the housing.

Today, the SKF self-aligning bearing system offers a much better solution. Incorporating an SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing in the locating position and a CARB® toroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position, this system accommodates misalignment. The CARB bearing handles shaft elongation virtually without friction.

SONL housings for oil lubrication

When using the SKF self-aligning bearing system for oil-lubricated fan shaft bearing applications, we recommend our SONL series standard bearing housings. While primarily designed for oil bath lubrication, SONL housings can also be used for circulating oil lubrication. Combining the SKF self-aligning bearing system with SONL housings offers several benefits:
  • Higher speeds and extended lubrication intervals, resulting from less heat generation in the bearing system
  • Reduced energy consumption for maximum pressure and airflow
  • Extended bearing service life
  • Increased reliability

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