SKF ConCentra ball bearing units

True concentric locking technology

SKF ConCentra ball bearing units are sealed, pre-lubricated bearings in a solid housing that feature a built-in mechanical connector to the shaft.

Two pairs of concentric rings with precision-engineered, multi-tapered, stepped contact surfaces maintain a near-360 degree concentric grip around the entire shaft circumference. The concentric rings respond to axial displacement by expanding radially against the shaft.

Enabling several performance benefits

SKF ConCentra ball bearing units come equipped with contact seals, external flingers and high quality lithium/calcium grease. By combining this true concentric locking solution with a lubricated-for-life design, SKF ConCentra ball bearing units deliver a range of benefits:
  • Longer service life
  • Reduced vibration and fretting corrosion
  • Reduced operating costs
  • No more costly, time-consuming shaft repair
  • Higher operational reliability
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