SKF Oil Pumping Unit SM-100

A complete small oil circulation system

SKF Oil Pumping Unit SM-100
The SKF Oil Pumping Unit SM-100 is a small oil circulation system capable of handling one or two small machines. The system pressure level is adjusted by variable speed drives (frequency control).

The SKF SM-100 Oil Pumping Unit saves energy. The reservoir is equipped with a heater to control oil viscosity at start up. Other systems typically utilize an overflow valve, leading to energy losses, component wear and oil degradation. An optional cooler lowers the filtered oil temperature supplied to the bearings. The filter cartridge can be changed during operation, using a by-pass valve. Key system advantages include:
  • Complete compact oil circulating lubrication system with all necessary functions and options
  • Easy to locate and install
  • Quick, easy start-up; easy to use
  • Easy to maintain (minimal number of interconnecting pipes, fitting etc)
  • No water needed for cooling
  • Optional variable frequency drive (VFD) speed controllers for cooling and pumping thereby reducing component wear, oil degradation and considerable energy savings

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