Energy Monitoring Services – Pump Systems

Achieve an effective measure of success

The comprehensive Energy Monitoring Services – Pump Systems from SKF helps plants identify opportunities to reduce pump-related energy costs. By using your plant staff (trained by SKF), or SKF experts to carry out routine measurements and monitor pump energy efficiency, you can determine when it is most cost-effective to repair a worn pump.

Energy Monitoring Services – Pump Systems from SKF can also work in parallel with your condition monitoring programme as part of a comprehensive asset management system. Because every pump system is unique, Energy Monitoring Services – Pump Systems applies a flexible process, which follows certain key steps:
  • Pump systems selection process
  • Establishing a database that includes details on the pumps included in the monitoring programme
  • Programming route details into SKF @ptitude Inspector
  • Training your operations staff
  • Programme hand-over and routine monitoring

Benefits include:

  • Saving money - identify ways to improve your pump systems' energy efficiency
  • Improving reliability - improved energy efficiency provides better reliability
  • Keeping it in-house - no need to employ specialists to identify energy efficiency improvements in your pump systems. Your own operators become your "eyes" on efficiency
  • Sustaining improvements - through regular monitoring of selected pump systems
  • Integration - can be integrated with your existing condition monitoring programmes
  • ODR based - applying proven Operator Driven Reliability tools and methodology to engage plant operators and management staff in energy awareness, energy management, and CO2 reduction activities
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