Design optimization

Developing better mobile and stationery planetary gear units

Designing a mobile planetary gear unit for enhanced performance is a challenge. It requires an understanding of the gear unit as a system, making it possible to evaluate, for example, the stiffness behaviour of all planetary trains, the static effects of heavy and varying external loads on the complete system or the overall effects of an oil-splashed, contaminated lubrication.

SKF can help

SKF engineering consultants can complement your own technical expertise throughout the design project. SKF Engineering Consultancy Services range from the analysis of your specific needs to design optimization and verification in our virtual test rigs to analyzing gear unit performance in the field. Our SixSigma-based design approach and system analysis tools help ensure that key issues are identified and dealt with early in the process.

Working together with SKF, you can design a more competitive planetary gear unit that enables higher transmitted torque and higher external load capability, in a lighter and more compact arrangement. SKF can also help improve the cost-effectiveness of design and production processes, and shorten time-to-market.
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