SKF Driveline Services: Iron and steel-making

Maintaining uptime under severe conditions

As the heart of the iron and steel making plant, the blast furnace and converter simply must maintain uptime. Consequently, the reliability of the drivelines that keep overhead cranes and conveyors moving is equally crucial. Unfortunately, extreme temperatures, shock loads, contaminants make downtime difficult to prevent, as does the tendency to push drivelines beyond their design parameters.

The result? As drivelines degrade, torque or power losses limit performance. Eventually, breakdowns force costly, unplanned stops and time-consuming, dangerous repairs.

SKF Driveline Services can help

By optimizing the way in which your drive system is integrated in your metal-making process, we can help you drive bottom-line performance at every stage of the gear unit lifecycle. Benefits include:

  • Improved uptime and reliability
  • Full focus on health, safety and environment
  • Higher performance and increased production
  • Improved and effective maintenance

SKF solutions for each phase of a driveline life cycle

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