Lubrication solutions

The right lubricant, in the right amount

Maintaining proper lubrication can mean longer service life for bearings and gears. Using the optimum lubricant for the application and applying it as required can reduce operating temperatures and wear. The challenge is how to set and maintain the optimal quantity, cleanliness and temperature of the lubricant, since these factors affect the performance of the bearings and gear teeth.
SKF lubrication solutions include special greases and automatic lubrication systems for smaller motors, plus complete oil circulation systems for large customized motors and gearboxes.

SKF offers the experience and high quality components necessary to design a centralized lubrication system for customized gear units. SKF lubrication systems feature circulating oil systems, precisely metered oil flow, oil filtering and oil cooling – helping to give the optimal conditions for the lubrication. SKF can also design fully customized grease lubrication systems to meet any driveline demand.
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