SKF Results Reporter

SKF Results Reporter is a data management and reporting system that provides a complete solution for organizations of all sizes. Available in modular packages, from a ground level reporting tool to a fully-enabled web portal for data mining and analysis, you can select the combination that will best meet the needs of your business.

With flexibility to benefit small, stand-alone sites to multi-national companies with assets all over the world, SKF Results Reporter allows personnel to collect information at one site, analyze it at another and view the information from many locations. 

The most comprehensive programme of its kind, SKF’s Results Reporter can assist you with root cause failure analysis, cost calculation and tracking, and even apply complex mathematical formulas to help you minimize your decision making time, and optimize your decision making ability.

Results Reporter is an advanced 32-bit application designed to integrate with the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as other plant-wide maintenance and condition monitoring programmes. In addition, the programme is easily administered by internal resources, eliminating risks inherent with non-standard systems, or third-party services.
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