Mechanical seals

Retain lubricants and protect against solid and liquid contaminants

Mechanical seals are designed for use under severe service conditions at relatively low peripheral speeds. They offer reliable protection against solid and liquid contaminants as well as leak-proof retention of lubricants.

These seals were originally developed for off-road vehicles but have been found to be equally suitable for a range of other applications where effective protection is required against sand, soil, mud, water etc.

Series HDDF

SKF mechanical seals carry the series designation HDDF and consist of two identical sealing rings and two similar Belleville washers (cup springs). The sealing rings are made of wear and corrosion resistant steel and have finely finished sliding and sealing surfaces. The Belleville washers of nitrile rubber provide the necessary uniform face loading and positive sealing at the bore and outside diameters.

HDDF mechanical seals are available from 44 up to 1 616 bore diameter and can be used at temperatures between –30 and +100 °C and pressure differentials up to 0,2 MPa. The permissible velocity at continuous operation is up to 1,75 m/s and up to 4 m/s at brief periods.

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