V-ring seals

Stretchable solutions in wide range of designs and sizes

V-ring seals are unique all-rubber seals for rotary shafts. They are made entirely of rubber material and comprise a body and a conical shaped sealing lip, which is joined to the body by means of a resilient “hinge”.

V-rings are mounted on and rotate with the shaft. The lip seals axially against a counter face, which is perpendicular to the shaft. The body has an interference fit on the shaft and holds the lip in position.

The fact that V-rings can be stretched out and fitted over a flange during installation, is a very valuable characteristic, especially in the case of repair. They can operate at sliding velocities up to 8 m/s. At velocities above 8 up to 12 m/s the V-rings need to be axially located.

Available in a large variety of designs and sizes to fit the requirements of most applications, V-rings are normally made of nitrile rubber. For applications where higher temperatures occur or where aggressive media are present, V-rings made of fluoro rubber should be used.
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