SKF MultiLube delivers automatic lubrication for high-altitude mining conveyors

The challenge

Proper bulk conveyor lubrication is tough to maintain in the best of conditions. In a high-altitude, remote location with temperatures as low as -30 °C, it’s an extreme challenge. Looking for a centralized lubrication solution that could handle the punishing cold, mine management looked to SKF.

The solution

SKF suggested SKF Multilube – an automatic, centralized lubrication system designed for multiple lubrication points. Management asked SKF to install the SKF Multilube pump unit with dual-line SGA dosers to the tension roll with doser monitoring components. To insulate and pre-heat all pipes and dosers, SKF housed the heated Multilube pumping unit in a steel cabinet.

The results

SKF Multilube proved so successful that the mine now uses about 30 installations of similar lubrication systems. All of them are equipped with SMS functionality that alerts maintenance staff when the equipment needs checking. This functionality helps drive reliability while reducing routine manual maintenance and grease handling costs.

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