SKF sealed spherical roller bearings increase service life by 100%

The challenge

A coalmine operator was extracting 600 million tonnes of material annually and returning 500 million tonnes of non-lignite material to the extraction site. The process involved 250 km of conveyors, with the longest conveyor section about 5,6 km. Each section included approximately 40 bearing positions in head and tail pulleys and bend rolls. The operation utilized open cylindrical roller bearings that saw frequent premature failure due to grit and contaminants. To keep them operating required large amounts of grease, presenting concerns involving disposal and environmental regulations.

The solution

At the recommendation of SKF application specialists, the open cylindrical roller bearings were replaced with SKF sealed spherical roller bearings. The housings were filled with grease, and a labyrinth seal was added at the end of the roller.

The result

The SKF sealed bearings lasted more than four full years – a 100 % increase in service life over the original open bearings. Grease disposal costs were also reduced, while bearing mounting times were cut in half.

Performance comparison bearing service life

Previous solutionSKF solution
Open cylindrical roller bearingSealed spherical roller bearing 23228
Approx. 2 years (730 days)4 years +100 % improvement

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