Online condition monitoring from SKF increases crane availability

The challenge

A steelmaker sought to minimize failures and unplanned maintenance stops. To maximize uptime on critical cranes, the operator needed continuous and reliable data, including crane speeds, loads and direction. Using portable equipment for this purpose is challenging and labour-intensive, and cannot be done during normal crane operation.

The solution

As part of the SKF Crane Asset Management solution, SKF installed the SKF Multilog Online System IMx-S to provide continuous information about bearing condition. On each crane, accelerometers were mounted on the main and auxiliary hoist motors’ input and drive side, and on the input and output shafts of the four-stage reduction gearbox. The SKF IMx unit collects data, processes it and sends it wirelessly to a server. SKF technicians analyze the data and make recommendations to maintenance based on gearbox and motor condition.

The result

Continuous information about crane conditions has enabled maintenance personnel to address issues before they lead to unplanned downtime. Ongoing analysis has allowed maintenance to address identified issues during planned downtime, reducing the time the cranes are out of service.



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