SKF helps to maximize safety and uptime at YICT

The challenge

The Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT), in Shenzhen, China, is one of the biggest container terminals in the world. With 74 large cranes lining five deep water berths and 10 million twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) containers a year coming in and out of the terminal, keeping everything running smoothly and safely is a daunting challenge.

The solution

As part of an ongoing YICT initiative to incorporate condition-based maintenance (CBM) and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), SKF recently completed a three-year pilot program to provide continuous online monitoring on workhouse gearboxes on two cranes. The gearboxes power the roll drums that lower the heavy-duty wire cable used to transport heavy containers on and off ships and transport trucks.

The SKF online system uses vibration sensors placed outside the gearbox housing. Vibration data is sent to and stored on a server in the Engineering Control Center for later analysis. By constantly monitoring the vibration signals, YICT can analyze the health of the bearings and the likelihood of excessive bearing wear and gearbox failure. SKF also trained YICT engineers to interpret the vibration signals correctly.

The results

Featuring 32 analogue channels and 16 digital channels, the SKF online system monitors bearing, gearboxes and motors concurrently, saving significant maintenance costs in the process. Having detected no problems during the three-year period, YICT operators are looking to expand the program to other cranes in the port.
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