SKF automatic lubricators reduce vibration and maintenance costs in escalators

The challenge

To keep its escalators running safely and efficiently, the city of Rotterdam partners with KONE, a leading elevator manufacturer and services provider. KONE works to maintain the assets and prevent unplanned stops – an essential goal for more than 100 escalators connected to the city’s subway system.

While “lubrication-free” step wheel chains have produced high quality results on these escalators, KONE and Rotterdam subway operators teamed up with SKF to find a cost-effective solution that would reduce vibration levels and noise and increase rider comfort. Cutting maintenance costs, extending service life and increasing reliability were also key goals.

The solution

SKF consultants recommended SKF SYSTEM 24, a single-point automatic lubricator. SKF SYSTEM 24 units continuously deliver precisely measured amounts of lubricant to desired points via a gas-driven system. Time settings are flexible and can enable up to a year of automatic lubrication. The ability to control and adjust the oil supply was critical, as different escalators required different lubrication programs, depending on location, environment and frequency of use.

In this case, SKF SYSTEM 24 containers were filled with high quality SKF oil specially formulated for chains operating at medium temperatures. SKF SYSTEM 24 units provided optimum lubrication via precisely angled brushes.

The results

In addition to reducing vibration and noise, the SKF SYSTEM 24 solution helped optimize maintenance resources and reduce unexpected service visits, thereby improving the profitability of the service contract.

The optimized quantity of lubricant provided by SKF SYSTEM 24 eliminated the need for maintenance personnel to pump lubricant into the application, which prevented over-lubrication and spillage. This helped to create a cleaner, more environmentally friendly work environment, while reduced waste removal and clean-up costs provided additional savings.
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