SKF MetroCon reduces escalator downtime and improves flow of people

The challenge

As part of its larger, performance-based maintenance and operations contract, LUL Nominee BCV and SSL are responsible for maintenance and refurbishment on two thirds of London Underground lines.

When their contract period started, they were contractually obligated to move equipment assets from a reactive maintenance approach to an asset management strategy. To help do so, LUL Nominee looked to SKF – and to SKF MetroCon, an on-line condition based maintenance system.

The solution

Designed specifically for subway station elevators and escalators, SKF MetroCon supports planned and condition-based maintenance strategies to help increase cost-efficiencies. For the London Underground, the offer included supply, installation and set-up of all condition monitoring technology systems and components.

The results

SKF MetroCon has increased escalator reliability and availability considerably,resulting in a significant reduction in unplanned shutdowns, penalties and costs.

Providing a more accurate understanding of the remaining service life and failure modes, SKF MetroCon enabled a more efficient use of equipment and maintenance resources. LUL Nominee is already reporting significant reductions in maintenance and inspection activities. By reducing friction and component wear rates, SKF MetroCon has helped cut power consumption by 15%.

Overall, SKF MetroCon was able to help LUL Nominee boost escalator equipment reliability and lifecycles, cut downtime and operating costs and improve safety. Initially, installation was limited to two escalators and four elevators. Following successful results in several performance areas, LUL Nominee has asked SKF to install the system on additional escalators in the most critical locations.
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