Seize-resistant bearings for conveyor idle rollers

Improve energy efficiency and belt life

The percentage of seized idlers and the increase in power consumption has been shown to have a 1 to 10 relationship. For example, a 5% rate of seized or near-seized idlers would demand an additional 50% of power at the conveyor drive!

Designed to prevent these seizures and help control the resulting energy losses, the SKF seize-resistant bearing is a single row deep groove ball bearing. Featuring a special cage design and raceway control, the bearing will continue to rotate and accommodate a load under relatively high levels of contamination, without high frictional moment.

Along with enabling the use of a low-friction rubbing seal, SKF seize-resistant bearings also help:
  • Reduce belt tension
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Extend belt life
  • Reduce risk of fire
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