Single point automatic lubrication

The SKF SYSTEM 24 is a single point automatic lubrication system that continuously delivers precisely measured amounts of lubricant to desired points via a gas-driven pump. SKF SYSTEM 24 units are supplied ready-to-use straight from the box and filled with a wide range of high quality SKF lubricants. Tool-free activation and time setting allows easy and accurate adjustment of automatic lubrication flow.

The SKF SYSTEM 24 is ideal for lubrication points difficult to reach manually, or where there are a large number of lubrication points where manual greasing would be less effective. Key features and benefits of the SKF SYSTEM 24 include: 
  • Compact size, permits installation in restricted areas
  • Available in: 125ml (LAGD 125) and 60ml (LAGD 60), for more confined installations, to suit most bearing lubrication applications.
  • Can be filled with various high quality SKF greases and oils, to suit a wide range of bearing applications
  • Gas driven lubricator – reliable in operation and flexible in application
  • Flexible time setting period ranging between 1 and 12 months
  • Wide operating temperature range to suit many applications
  • Ingress protection to IP 68 level allows the lubricator to be used in most dusty and wet environments
  • High reliability and dispense rate accuracy helps facilitate predetermined replacement date
  • Dispense rate setting is a simple part of the installation process and can be temporarily deactivated

SKF SYSTEM 24 options for conveyors

LAGD series 
When sealed bearings are used in conveyor drive end and take up pulleys, SYSTEM 24 LAGD series lubricators can significantly decrease grease consumption. The optimized re-greasing intervals can also help substantial reductions in grease handling and maintenance hours.

Compact and ready to connect to SKF SNL housings, LAGD lubricators are available with heat and cold-resistant extreme pressure lubricants to accommodate the operating conditions of heavy conveyors. Available in 60 and 125 ml sizes.

LAGE series
Ideal for lubricating sealed spherical roller bearings in heavy-duty conveyor head and take-up pulleys, SYSTEM 24 LAGE series lubricators are electro-mechanically driven. Easy to install on SKF SNL and SAF housings, LAGE lubricators can be mounted remotely for effective bearing lubrication in hazardous environments. 

Available in 125 and 250 ml sizes, LAGD units feature a temperature-independent dispense rate suitable for applications with varying temperatures. Units are also available with grease suitable for conveyor operating conditions such as heavy loads and low rotational speeds.
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