SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are characterized by their self-aligning ability and high load-carrying capacity. They are designed to accommodate radial load or combined radial and axial load.

Invented by SKF and refined over the years, SKF spherical roller bearings provide top-of-the-line performance. 

All SKF spherical roller bearings are made to the SKF Explorer specifications, providing: 
  • Very high load carrying capacity – both radially and axially 
  • Highly wear-resistant bearing material 
  • Very high running accuracy 
  • Low friction 

SKF Explorer sealed spherical roller bearings

SKF Explorer sealed spherical roller bearings are designed to withstand high loads, misalignment, poor lubrication, contaminants, moisture and more. By enabling fewer unscheduled stops and a radical reduction in grease usage, the bearings help simplify maintenance, improve safety, cut costs and reduce environmental risks. 
  • Ready-to-mount units - SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are ready-to-mount units filled with a suitable lubricant.
  • Longer service life - Sealed bearings enhance service life by keeping solid contaminants and moisture out of the bearing.
  • Environmentally friendly - For most applications, sealed bearings can be considered “greased for life.” This means little or no contamination of the environment.
  • Safer handling - The seals make handling and mounting less hazardous from the contamination point of view. 
  • Robust performance - Same basic load ratings as corresponding open bearings.
  • Downsizing possible - Longer service life allows for bearing downsizing. The robust seal designs enable additional ”axial” downsizing in applications where external seals are not necessary. 
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