Condition monitoring solutions for elevators and escalators

Maintenance challenges are growing

For elevator and escalator operators, achieving effective maintenance is difficult at best. Harsh operating challenges, rising maintenance costs and limited available work hours combine to make optimized maintenance a bottom-line goal. Common maintenance management needs include: 
  • Improving maintenance performance and decrease asset downtime
  • Improving asset knowledge
  • Predicting and preventing failure
  • Planning maintenance
  • Defining the right time for asset refurbishment/replacement
By supporting planned interventions and optimization of maintenance operations, predictive and condition-based maintenance programs can help operators achieve these goals and more. 

SKF can help improve reliability, maintenance efficiency and more

Thanks to our extensive application knowledge and condition monitoring experience, SKF is able to offer a range of condition monitoring solutions for elevators and escalators.

Flexible and adaptable to specific customer needs, SKF condition monitoring is usually a combination of three services that can also be provided individually: Assessment and mapping; Asset monitoring hardware/software and data collection; Data analysis, verification and improvement. Ultimate benefits include:  
  • Reduced lost customer hours
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Increased asset knowledge
  • Increased customer satisfaction through increased safety and a more comfortable environment

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