SKF MetroCon

When escalators or elevators stop, so does flow of people

And no flow of people means Lost Customer Hours fines, in addition to repair and maintenance costs. Developed for heavy-duty people-moving assets, SKF MetroCon can help subway operators minimize these costs and move from reactive maintenance practices to more predictive methods.

Drive uptime and improve flow of people with SKF MetroCon

SKF MetroCon can help operators optimize auxiliary equipment maintenance, predict and prevent failures, and calculate the most cost-effective times to replace or refurbish equipment. Implementing or expanding a condition monitoring program can also reduce Lost Customer Hours and extend equipment service life, further reducing operating costs.

An underground success

SKF MetroCon is helping operators achieve such benefits for the London Underground, as well as significant energy and maintenance-hour savings. In three steps, SKF MetroCon enables operators to implement or improve condition-based maintenance and total asset management approaches. Key benefits include:
  • Reduced lost customer hours
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved maintenance planning
  • Increased safety
  • Extended equipment life cycles
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