SKF MultiLube

Superior lubrication maintenance solution for heavy vehicles

Designed for heavy vehicle lubrication, the modular SKF Multilube pumping unit integrates all relevant components and functions: control unit, pump, reservoir, directional valve and pressure monitoring. Built-in heating enables operation and use under arctic or other demanding circumstances.

All SKF grease and oil dosers for single- and dual-line systems can be used with the SKF Multilube pumping center. The high-quality SKF Multilube pumping unit provides reliable functioning of the lubrication system preventing bearing failures and improving the operating ability of heavy machines and equipment. 
  • Easy installation
  • Compact pumping center structure
  • Reliable operation of dosers
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable operation even in harsh conditions

A proven solution for straddle carriers and vertical gearboxes

SKF Multilube pumping units can help drive reliability and availability for vehicles and machinery at container terminals. At Sweden’s Port of Gothenburg, the SKF Multilube system has been installed on several straddle carriers – 96 lubrication points on each truck, as well as 16 points on the sliding surfaces overhead. The results?

The Multilube units have helped reduce overall lubrication demands, unplanned downtime and maintenance. The precision lubrication eliminated over-greasing, allowing for a reduction in grease consumption, plus a much safer, grease-free work area.
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